Léelo, our mother company, with Verti, (Mapfre on-line company in Spain) has just won the BPM Excellence Award de Gartner Group. We are really proud!

The success case has been the customer acquisition. Watch the numbers:

  • The operational cost has been improved in 48%, catering for the outsourcing of the clerical work. 
  • Call centre costs have been reduced 18% in the first improvement round. The visibility obtained allows a trial&error strategy. 
  • The project has only taken three months, all integration efforts included.

From the go-live, the process updates have been done:

– in a matter of days

– with no additional costs

– with no impact on internal IT teams.

Only counting direct costs, the ROI in the first year has been over 252%!

The visibility and action capacity are priceless 🙂