A new paradigm, according to Wikipedia. It is about deciding what is the next best action in your dialog with your customer. That seems easy… and then it isn’t, because the dialog with your customer, in a services industry, doesn’t model easily. For instance, these decisions:

  • Can not be in the channel, as they should be the same, independently of the access channel, and it can vary in all of them as soon as it is exposed to the customer. 
  • It can not be only a commercial push, as your customer has an on-going context with you and it is very upsetting to have it ignored. 
  • It can not come from a one only journey, because your customer may have several in parallel, on top of the commercial that worries you most.
  • It can not come from a set of business rules, because just think of rules that take into account, all of a sudden, all your operational systems. It would become so complex that you could never modify it.
  • It can not depend on your employees, nor on your call center, because your digital customer wants self-service.

To manage NBA marketing, your architecture needs: structure, a common layer across all the channels, a dimension of time and business rules.

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