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Data-centric, the next big thing

Balandra is a Gartner Cool Vendor

Bimodal IT

 Gartner says that you need a Bimodal IT. Why?

The new “digital world”, with all its components, has brought a chasm between the two worlds that lived aside in every company’s technology. That is, every company that produced services, such as banking, telco or utilites. […]

NextBestAction Marketing

A new paradigm, according to Wikipedia. It is about deciding what is the next best action in your dialog with your customer. That seems easy… and then it isn’t, because the dialog with your customer, in a services industry, doesn’t model easily. For instance, these decisions: […]

Transactions, Processes & Conversations

Telling one from another
The digital context has been properly solved in the realm of transactions, being “transaction” an exchange between two parties. Currently, in European and North American banks, well above 60% of the transactions are done on-line, and as far as 14% of the customers of European banks such as Norwegian SpareBank1 use only mobile.


Customer journeys: a different model (artifact-centric)

We have found, on the Sales Systems website, in beautiful New Zealand, a gorgeous graph of the customer relationship. It shows that its behaviour could be described as  a digital shopping cart, like Amazon’s, than to a classical process design, so tidy and predictable.


Customer Effort Score

We have been pointed to a reference that we have found very relevant in the digital customer world: the Customer Effort Score, according to its creators, a better indicator of the customer loyalty than the very famous Net Promoter Score (NPS).