Gartner says that you need a Bimodal IT. Why?

The new “digital world”, with all its components, has brought a chasm between the two worlds that lived aside in every company’s technology. That is, every company that produced services, such as banking, telco or utilites.

Since the 80s, when direct customers appeared, a new world of needs was created around the distribution much more than around the manufacturing of products. After the 90s, the customer web was born, and now the mobile explosion has definitely broken the bridges amon the two IT worlds.

In all the industries serving direct customers, there is a constant need for managing experiences, all happening in IT sytems, which only produce a better  journey on web. mobile or any other channel available. Changes are constant, quick, unpredictable in essence… as much as to be served using “agile” technologies, with 15-days long cycles.
This need is opposite to how to manufacture: the banking product, its security, its reporting to an ever-worrying regulator, nothing of all this can be done but with extreme care and thorough thinking. In the CMT industry, the speed to which commercial offers evolve has nothing to do with the way the network is installed and managed.
That is what Gartner Group talks about when it talks about IT and innovation. There is also a very interesting reading on bakning in Avoka. As for us, we are so deeply convinced of it all that we have spend the last years producing the gear box you need to navigate between both worlds, a “System of Engagement”.