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Bimodal IT

 Gartner says that you need a Bimodal IT. Why?

The new “digital world”, with all its components, has brought a chasm between the two worlds that lived aside in every company’s technology. That is, every company that produced services, such as banking, telco or utilites. […]

Customer journeys: a different model (artifact-centric)

We have found, on the Sales Systems website, in beautiful New Zealand, a gorgeous graph of the customer relationship. It shows that its behaviour could be described as  a digital shopping cart, like Amazon’s, than to a classical process design, so tidy and predictable.


Customer Effort Score

We have been pointed to a reference that we have found very relevant in the digital customer world: the Customer Effort Score, according to its creators, a better indicator of the customer loyalty than the very famous Net Promoter Score (NPS).